Monitoring and Management System

The Monitoring and Management System (MMS), a centralized management and monitoring platform with a user interface based on modern Web technologies (HTML5, SPA, Ajax, WebSockets), enables network administrators to centrally monitor the status and operation of communication channels created by the MSTNT technology, including, the results of different data transfer tests (e.g., Ping, B-Test), and other measures of network performance and status.

For long-term (day or more) analysis, the MSTNT system will aggregate and visualize through the Web interface the quality of the subchannels of each tunnel (loss, latency fluctuations, traffic load). The Web interface controls include the ability to download, save, edit, and automatically create configuration files for both the server (collector) and client ends for each MSTP/MNTP tunnel. It is also possible to open a remote client device (shell) directly from the Web interface to promptly analyze incoming data (such as running a tcpdump traffic analyzer).
MMS eliminates the need to monitor and manage, in certain versions of network equipment, at the routing hardware level. This alleviates the need for time-consuming network monitoring and management activity for networks that use older equipment or equipment from certain vendors.

A significant and novel aspect is that MSTNT can enable users to monitor the health and performance of their networks in real-time.