•The AS is built on the second level of OSI-Ethernet, and works at the core level of the router’s operating system, which completely eliminates the use of vulnerable IP addresses. Instead, the AS uses its own mechanism for assigning network indexes, which is virtually inaccessible to DDoS and other IP-based network attacks.
•By creating a monolithic channel between all network business resources, the Autonomous System eliminates the possibility of hacker attacks and provides a new level of security quality.

Multiple transport sub-channels give a high degree of security.

We need to transmit 9000 bytes of data. And we have three communication subchannels.
In this case, the first block of 1500 bytes will go in encrypted form through the first subchannel, the second through the second and the third through the third subchannel respectively. If an intruder listens to the traffic on the first subchannel, he will get the first (1…1500 bytes), and the 4th (4501…6000 bytes) data blocks respectively.